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Send Whatsapp messages without having to save the number

Hey Bubblers👋 ,

:thinking: How many times did you endure the pain of needing to send a quick WhatsApp message to inquire about a classified ad or to arrange a job interview, but felt like you have to go through the struggle of saving the number in your contact list before you send a message? Even though it might be the first and last time you would contact that person.

:exploding_head: I know, right?

:stopwatch: I have been finding myself in this situation pretty often lately. So, to save my time, and that of all WhatsApp users who go through the same struggle we launched this tool — a super easy way to WhatsApp a phone number which is not in your contact list.

:calling: Just access WhatsApp Quick Messages from your mobile device or desktop, enter the number you want to text and click “send message”. The tool will automatically re-direct you to a new WhatsApp window ready for you to type your text and click send!

:speech_balloon: I hope this tool is helpful for all of you out here too. Looking forward to hear your thoughts about this solution.

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Looks nice! Good luck today :slight_smile:


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Is this a plugin Levon or is it part of the zeroqode twilo whatsApp plugin? Im looking to implement whatsApp into my web app for users that’s all. what do you suggest? it seems to know all about it with a post like this

Hey :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not a part of the plugin :slight_smile:
It’s rather straightforward implementation of HTTP get from within a nice interface (that we’re making even better shortly, by the way :slight_smile:)

For text a WhatsApp number without having to save the number you can simple use a link or, if you are a company that massively uses WhatsApp with customers, use a platform that integrates you WhatsApp API like:

With Callbell you can open a new WhatsApp chat without saving the number : link

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