Sending Whatsapp notification instead of email?

Hi Guys, Just wonder is it possible to send an whatsapp message to a particular person when someone hit a button? I know I can set this in workflow easily if I wish to receive an email notification, but anyone know if I can get a whatsapp notification? any plugin will allow me to do that? Thanks so much!


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You can try the following plugin:

The only problem I had with this plugin is that if you wrap your bubble app as Native App (webview) it won’t work.

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You can do this without using any plugin… simply create the link for the number and open it.
For example: this opens whatsapp message to ‘9999999999’ and prepopulates message with ‘Hi There’.

Note that you need to remove +, - and ( symbols from the number. The text should be a URL encoded text. Example here:


Thanks mate!

Really interesting! Thanks @gaurav

Thanks Gaurav!
This is great!
By the way, if you need to build a more complex text dinamically, it’s easy to drop a hidden rich text input within the page and then call its content in the wa link using :URL encoded
Works beautifully.

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