Sendgrid API connector issue


I tested Sendgrid API using Postman and everything looks perfect.
Postman (Success)

Now the issue is: I am getting errors in connecting with the Bubble API connector.

Bubble error message


What should I do?

I don’t think you need : after Bearer

Hi @Jici
Without :


Change data type to Empty.

Same error

Can you share what you have set in API Connector? If you set the : back, it won’t work.

With :

Same error:

Same configuration in Postman and it’s working

No… you need to remove the : after bearer
And set the Data type to EMPTY

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Strange, It’s not working

I clicked on initialise without any response, then the button changed to reinitialise call

It’s working. Sendgrid doesn’t return anything else than 200 code. So it work

It’s working
Thank you and keep the great work, you saved my time!

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I am trying to connect the Sendgrid API KEY in Bubble email setting
Error message
Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 5.06.28 PM

Although, i have verified the identity and as you see it’s working in API connector

Sender identity is normally set in sendgrid account. Did you set the whole domain or a specific address to be allowed in sendgrid?

Specific address to be allowed in SendGrid

Can you share the validation screen in sendgrid?

I don’t see any issue in Sendgrid. What did you set in API connector for this request?

how about checking these chekbox when you initialize?


The same Sendgrid API key after bearer > SG.f4L58…