Sendgrid API Not Connecting with Bubble

Hi all,

I’m working to set up sendgrid in bubble. After signing up for an account in Sendgrid and getting the API, Ir eceive the following error message in bubble.


Any idea on what is causing this and the solution?

The error message spells it out pretty well. Do what it says vis-a-vis the sender identity. Did you read the info it’s pointing to?

I answered the question in this other post: SendGrid API defaulting to

I hope you will find it helpful as well.

If anyone needs help setting it up they are more than welcome to book a session with me and I will walk them through it.


Hope that helps! :blush:


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Sadly, I did this to a T and still nothing…I have GoDaddy and I am not sure why it’s broken. Seeing as this may be a quick 5 min fix can anyone provide a solution without booking a session with NoCodeMinute for $100/hr?

Check out this post: SendGrid API defaulting to

Hope that helps! :blush: