SendGrid Help setup

Hi guys!

I’m setting up sendgrid and it’s saying:
"There was an issue validating your key. Please check.

Tried to send a validation e-mail from"

Except the thing is, I never registered an email witht he prefix ‘admin’ for my website. I’ve only got a support one and a personal one.

Appreciate any help,


Hey there @andrewfayle,

I’d change it to the email address you want it to send from.

Hi @johnny

In my Sendgrid settings, my email is actually , So I’m not sure if there’s another area to get rid of the default sending to


Ah, hmm… have you given the Sendgrid API key full access?

Yup, Im thinking maybe there is no other option? I might have to just setp up a admin@mywebsite email and redirect it to my personal…

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