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SendGrid Help setup

Hi guys!

I’m setting up sendgrid and it’s saying:
"There was an issue validating your key. Please check.

Tried to send a validation e-mail from [email protected]"

Except the thing is, I never registered an email witht he prefix ‘admin’ for my website. I’ve only got a support one and a personal one.

Appreciate any help,


Hey there @andrewfayle,

I’d change it to the email address you want it to send from.

Hi @johnny

In my Sendgrid settings, my email is actually [email protected] , So I’m not sure if there’s another area to get rid of the default sending to [email protected]


Ah, hmm… have you given the Sendgrid API key full access?

Yup, Im thinking maybe there is no other option? I might have to just setp up a [email protected] email and redirect it to my personal…

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