Sendgrid - How to set up an subscribe event?

Hi all!

i want to create a workflow in Bubble to unsubscribe recipients on a marketing list once that user has created an account.

Does anyone know which action I should use?

I would either have a tickbox or field on the user data type that is User_Unsubscribed=Yes, That way you have a record of them opting out.

Hi there, I’m actually looking for the workflow so I can tell Stripe who has unsubscribed

Are you using a plugin for stripe or the API? If you have manage to setup subscriptions then you should be able to unsubscribe successfully via the same method? Presumably you have a transaction or subscription data type, you just need a workflow that records the ending of a subscription and then to run the workflow to end the subscription with stripe.

You can create a database trigger where User Before’s email is empty and User Now’s email is not empty then unsubscribe User Now’s email

We’re looking at add to an unsubscribe group, not remove them from the subscription group - it’s very different