SendGrid modify the default from

Hello, with SendGrid, is there a way to modify the default ‘emails sent by your app come from’ address to match the email address of the sender? The sender has already been verified in SendGrid.

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Hey @nate9 :wave:

Yes, you should be able to do this. Can you show us a screenshot of your workflow as well as which plugin or if you are using a plugin at all? Let us know. Thanks! :blush:

Thanks for your response. I’m using the standard Settings → Email (SendGrid settings).


And standard send email settings



Ok. Got it. You can do this with the API Connector. The built in email doesn’t have this option dynamically for some reason. I can try to send you an example so you can set it up maybe tomorrow. :blush:

I have set up an example for using the SendGrid API through the API Connector for you. You can try this out to see if it helps:

Editor: testApp42wCleanDB | Bubble Editor

I just don’t have a way to test it since I don’t have a SendGrid account. You can add fields as you need them this way. Does that help? This should get you started with a basic email.

Thank you so much. Much appreciate your assistance.

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