Sendgrid or...?

I just put my first app live on a custom domain!
I would like it to be able to send some basic e-mails, such as password reset.
For all I can see, I have to use Sendgrid. I did not know this is (also) a paid service*. What other options do I have?

*There is a free plan, but this is restricted to 100 mails/day. Which may be enough, but it is hard for me to predict this.

Apart from Sendgrid I’ve seen Bubblers using:

  • Postmark (seems to be the most popular)
  • Mailersend
  • Amazon SES

Thanks, I’ll check those out.

Don’t waste money on those services. You can send unlimited emails from your bubble app without an API or monthly fee.


Definitely recommend Postmark! Ask for the family and friends discount :wink:

What is the catch…. ??

I’m using Brevo (previously Sendinblue) has a free tier with 300 mails per day.

I’ve used Sendgrid and Postmark and had horrible delivery rates. Postmarks marks the email as delivered but the end users never get the email. Support was anything but useful. Also Brevo has the option of paying for a dedicated IP for 270 USD a year without minimum sending requirements, which I’d say it’s a bargain compared to the other two.

There is none. Send me an app, I’ll give you access.

You can send from any alias you’ve setup in your accounts settings or your main email, at any time. This is good for having separate customer service and support emails.

You’ll use an app password (setup in your email account settings) and your login email

and here is the result of the above email that was sent.

I’m in process of switching from Mailchimp + Postmark to which has fair pricing and unlimited transactional emails.

Another option is Amazon SES with this plugin:


I’m personally a big fan of loops too but I only use Loops for marketing emails atm because I feel like their transactional features aren’t as robust

This seems very cool! Does it also track email opens and clicks?

Not yet, but I can look into it. If you want, I’d like for you to give it a shot and tell me what you think? I can give you access.

I tried to look at your example app but I don’t think the plugin is installed in it?

was it this one?

Could be? Whatever link you have in your plugin page

I updated the page to include the demo page. And I think the issue you were seeing should be resolved.

Ah gotcha – for the projects I’ve been working on the important things when choosing an email API has been:

  • Deliverability
  • How robust their API is
  • Track opens and clicks
  • A way to view email logs and deliverability for them
  • Templates for transactional emails

This service doesn’t rely on an outside database or another service to operate. If bubble is running, it will send an email. You’re logging into your email account and sending an email thru bubble. It’s the same as if you are logging into your gmail account with the apple mail app and sending this way.