Why do people use external email services in Bubble?

I have always wondered why bubble developers use external plugins for email services like Amazon SES and postmark.

For me the bubble emails work well and always seem to get delivered.

I’m just about to embark on building in 20 transactional emails into my app and I was going to use the native bubble email.

Is there any reason why I should not use bubbles internal email system.

My app is a SAS application.

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Tim Garrett

“Bubble emails” are really API calls to Sendgrid out of the box. That said, I personally have not had issues with the default of Bubble’s email system tied to Sendgrid; over 200K transactional emails sent thus far. Sendgrid is also a bit cheaper than Postmark for a dedicated IP as well.

Installation is pretty vanilla though, so if one’s expecting to do handstands for analytics that might explain a more custom solution.

Hi, search “sendgrid” in the forum and you’ll see some threads from people explaining why they needed/wanted to switch.

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postmark is just… simply better :slight_smile: . More reliable delivery rates, and fully custom HTML email templates. Integration is also very straightforward.

for many apps, the cost of not delivering a 2-5% of emails far exceeds the $10-$20 extra Postmark costs per month.

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I send login codes through email and I need to make sure it gets delivered and it does so fast, which are two of Postmark’s main promises.

Sendgrid can be good for general or non vital emails. But because you get randomly assigned a shared server that a ton of others use and abuse, there is a possibility you are on server with poor deliverability.

Also I’ve heard the founder on a podcast and really like their company overall so I am happy to be a customer of theirs


Yep +1 with this. Postmark is simply more reliable, easy to use, and affordable. I haven’t looked too much into AWS, but it looks more intimidating to me in terms of setting up API calls for templated emails.