Sendgrid Plugin - Dynamic Images

Hi team -

I am trying to send images from my app to Sendgrid to be included in transactional emails.

I have figured out how to send dynamic text using Substitution Tags, but these don’t appear to work for Images (or lists of images).

Does anyone know how to do this? Imagine there is either just “a way to do it” or it’s not possible. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.


please share your email template setup maybe there’s some issues on it or on the data that you are trying to submit

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Thanks for the response! I’ve tried lots of different ways, so I think the question is more “what is the way to do it” vs. “is it even possible”. I’m not sure tinkering around with inputs is necessarily going to progress the issue at this point. Wondering if @copilot might be able to guide us?