Sendgrid taking the application domain name

Hello guys,

In our application, the custom domain is registered as”.
We are now trying to create our own API key for the send grid. To authenticate the domain we are using the domain name as “” instead of .com.
We were able to successfully verify the domain and verify the single sender for “”. I was able to create the api key also with this domain.

But whenever I try to verify the sendgrid key in the bubble, it tries to verify with “” instead of “”.

Is this the expected behavior? I was assuming we can authenticate the sendgrid with a different domain to the bubble app’s custom domain? is this the case?

Please let me know if any of you have faced this issue and what are all the possible ways to prevent this problem.

Thank you.

Are you using the default Send Email action?

Yes @johnny .

Ah, then that’s the reason. If you use the default Bubble one, your app domain is your email domain.

I would recommend using the API connector instead in this case to send your emails via SendGrid, or use a plugin.

Sure @johnny , It was driving me crazy. I will try to do it with API connector then.