Sending a List of Data to a Repeating Group using the Go to page Workflow

I understand how to use the Go to page workflow to send a single item of data from one page to another.

What I’m having trouble with is using the Go to page workflow to send data from a spreadsheet/list to be displayed in a repeating group in a new page.

Specifically, I’m trying to use the Go to page workflow to send data from my Saved results database to a repeating group on a page named library. The library page is properly set up to have data from my Saved results database as its Type of content:


My Saved results database has lists/fields that include Title, Topic, Category, and Link. So this is how I set up the Go to page workflow to send data from my Saved results database to the library page:

However, I cannot get the repeating group on the library page to show the list data from the Saved results database that is being sent with the additional Key parameters.

The closest I can get is to set up the repeating group on the library/receiving page with the Data source being the Save results database converted to a list.

The problem with this approach is that it is constrained by the Go to page workflow’s requirement that only a single item (and not a list) can be part of the Data to send parameter (see below and above), so the repeating group is only showing one item from the database/list (here, the first item) :


Any assistance on how to send data from a database to another page so it can be properly shown in the new page’s repeating group would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @hshadab,

If your SavedResults is a field (list) within your data type User for example (or another data type for that matter), you might be able to do it by setting the receiving page of type User, and sending the parameter 'This SavedResult’s User" parameter in the Go to Page action.

Then you should be able to set the RG data source to “Current Page User’s SavedResults” imo
Hope that helps

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Thanks! I will think about how this approach could work.

Right now, My Saved Results is a data type, but Title, Topic, Category, and Link are the fields within data type Saved Results.

Another approach I’m thinking of is not to send data to the new page but have the new page’s repeating group pull from the database and also be constrained to only show the data of the user that initiated the Go to page action. Importantly, this constraint must be held even if no one is logged in, otherwise the new page’s repeating group will show everything in the database. I’m trying to figure this out by setting up a variable that serves as the constraining parameter (most likely the current user’s email) when the user initiates the Go to page workflow. Option sets may be the way to go here.

Any more thoughts greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yep I think that’s the way to go, but that means the page should necessarily be of type User for the RG to retrieve the user this SavedResults list is linked to. Meaning you should send that User data to the page (with the Go to Page action as detailed above is the easiest way to go imo but you’re right there are other methods)

I’m not sure why you would use Option Sets for that use case, but then again I might not get what you’re trying to achieve exactly. Feel free to post screenshots or better yet to share your editor in view only mode if you’re comfortable doing that

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Got it. Thanks. After taking a close look I agree that Option Sets are not useful here.

I messaged you my editor in view only.

I added “Email constraint” as a field in Saved results to hopefully constrain the repeating group on the new page (library) but I haven’t incorporated it into any workflows yet.

One thing I’m not understanding is how to link Saved Results to a User. Is that a cross reference between the User data type and the Save Results data type?

Thanks for taking a peak!

Thanks @ambroisedlg !

Your suggestion was the key to figuring out how to make a new page that is publicly shareable that shows data in a repeating group. The key was to link my Saved Results data type to the User data type, send over Current user via Go to page action (see 1 below) and then constrain the repreating group in the new page by the Current User’s email so that only the user that sent their data is sharing it in the new page’s repeating group. In other words, Current Page User = Current User (which comes from the other page).



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Awesome glad it’s working :ok_hand: