Sending a list of items as a JSON array, just wondering how to do this

We are using the API plugin and a webhook to send data to an external service as part of a workflow. In the API plugin I have many parameters with the key set and then the value set in the workflow. This all works fine and is straightforward.

I’m told though that in one of these messages, I can send a list of items as a JSON array but just wondering if anyone can let me know what that would look like. I’m using Formstack Documents which merges fields from Bubble into PowerPoint. It’s possible to have a table on PowerPoint, and then Bubble can send a list of records which Formstack’s populates into the table, as long as it comes as an array.

To keep it simple, the tables I have are:
Proposal (This is the master record for the proposal)
Proposal Line Item (1 Proposal can have 1 or more Proposal Line Items, which act as a join table)
Cell Phone (1 Proposal Line Item must have 1 Cell Phone)

If I have a Proposal where I’ve added to a repeating group 4 different Cell Phones (as in there’s 4 Proposal Line Items relating to the current Proposal, and each of those 4 Proposal Line Items have a different Cell Phone linked to them), how would I send that as a JSON array?

Assume I need these fields to be sent:
MSF, Discount, Final Price (all from the Proposal Line Items)
Phone Name, Phone Model, Phone List Price (all from the Cell Phone records)

Hopefully that’s clear, and maybe this isn’t even possible to do what I want but thought I’d check. If it’s complicated I’ll get a developer to do it instead. Thanks!

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