Sending a response to an endpoint trigger

Howdy! I’m setting up a Slack app, and I need to send a response with a challenge key to initialise it. What happens is.

  1. Slack will send a validation payload to my Bubble endpoint.
  2. Bubble parses the payload and extracts a challenge key.
  3. Bubble immediately sends the challenge key back to validate the endpoint.

It’s part 3 that’s causing me problems - what action within the workflow does this? I have the code I need to send back (see screenshot) but not sure the mechanism to “respond”. I have a suspicion it’s a Server Script using some bit of code like what I have below. Any help appreciated!

hey @oliphant did you ever figure out how to do this?

@jacob4, you can use the action “Return data from API” for that:

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Hey, I hope you figured it out - did return data from API work?