Sending an email by clicking a button

HI, I am new to bubble and enjoying the experience. Im not very tech savvy but would still like to build my idea into an app. I want to build a button for users to click to send me their location/address. Thus far I have made a search box for them to enter their address and a button to send, Ive managed to get the button to send an email but its not sending me their location that they have typed into the search box. Any help would be appreciated

Hi there, @btmtech.dbn… welcome to Bubble!

It’s not possible to know from your post whether or not you have done this part, but have you inserted the search box’s value into the body of the email like this…

I’m guessing you have and you aren’t seeing the results in the email, but the place to start from a troubleshooting perspective is making sure you have the field in the email.


Brilliant, thank you so much @mikeloc. working perfectly now

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Hello, @btmtech.dbn, wierd question: how did you manage to receive emails when user clicks the button? I use free version of bubble and when setting workflow “when button clicks” - “Send email” - “To: Website admin email” I don’t receive it anywhere. How is possible to receive such emails? Maybe I should setup that address anywhere?

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Hi, did you find where to modify this email address?