Sending Bubble List of Data with API to Integromat

I’ve been looking for answers on the forum but I can’t seem to find a solution.

I have a list of things saved on Bubble which I need to export to a CSV. I am using Integromat for the actual csv and sending out the email.

I am using the API Connector sending JSON to Integromat where I then parse it. The problem is that when I try to send a list of things, the output is the list of things in one line. I need to have one collection/array with the data of just the thing and not the list.

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 18.52.47

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 18.56.23

Can anyone help please?

The issue seem to be linked to how you post your list. This seem to be a csv list and not a json properly encoded array.
Can you show your bubble configuration?

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I’ve also tried to schedule the api on a list but it only gave me the first result.

This is what happens when I try to schedule the api on a list:

Do you want to trigger a request in Integromat for each item in RG or you want integromat to receive the list and work with the list? Not sure to understand how you use the Shedule on a list of action.

The schedule on a list seem to work correctly in the screenshot with one one destination. This mean that the Bubble flow will trigger for each item in the RG list.

I have an RG List on Bubble. When users click the export button all the data on the RG needs to be sent to Integromat at one go and not one by one.

Would this plugin help? It will allow you to turn a list of things into a json array.

So you don’t need to use Schedule on a list.
You just need to send the data to Integromat.

Theres different way to do that. You can use api workflow and return data from api. You first call this endpoint using the api connector and not directly using schedule api workflow. This will return data that you post to integromat. Another way is to call Integromat to call this same api workflow. Or you use the Data api from Integromat. Maybe I can try to show you an example later.

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I’ve tried this but something is not working right.

Hi guys, same issue with me today. I want to send a list of things to integromat. Pretty stuck in this …

I want to send to Integromat a list of Spreadsheet cells to edit but can not figure out the good way to structure the JSON in Bubble to send a Bundle of things instead of one thing with several value …


Looking forward to an answer to this post


In your case, you can modify your json to have an array in cell address
Will look like “CellAddress”:[“Group update model’s inputCelleList’s Cell address:join with”,""],

Be aware that the join with is really “,” and you start with " and end with "
Also, you can consider using another step that will go a GET to Data API or a POST request to api Backend WF instead.

Thanks @Jici !!!

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