Integromat - Create / Update a data thing

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create or update a field in my Bubble database from a Sheet using Integromat.
I did it in the past with a former app so I know it’s doable. That’s my setup :

I’m on a paid plan, inside Bubble settings I checked enable data api and the box of the data type.
I have a google sheet called sheet bubble with a row named PlugBox_S/N and a value under it.


In integromat I have a scenario where I get a cell from that sheet and send the value to Bubble via the “create update a data thing in bubble” module.


But everytime I try it stops at the bubble module and display a 401 error

What’s weird is that I have other scenarios where I send data from bubble to Integromat via the api connector and it woks fine. Any ideas

401 error mean that it’s unauthorized. It can be different thing depending of your auth process

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Hey thanks for your answer @Jici . My data types are publicly visible and I followed the make tutorial on youtube.

Create data thing in bubble

I think it more related to you API key. Check the auth setting in Integromat for Bubble


Well done @Jici :ok_hand:, my connection wasn’t working anymore for some reason. I never suspected a problem at that level because my other scenarios worked. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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