Sending csv file in email

Is there a way to send a CSV in an email workflow? I want to create a scheduled workflow API every day at 5 PM that sends an email with a CSV file report. This CSV file will be generated from the database data of

The CSV file should not be an uploaded file; instead, it should be data from the database that has been converted into a CSV file. After converting it to CSV, I want to send it to an email via a workflow.

Use @eli plugin 1T-CSV Creator and use two action-

  1. Create CSV from JSON (SSA)
  2. Create New file from Base 64

This plugin expose the csv file as the url that you can send in your email.

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Hello, how we can use the “CSV Creator - New file from Baser64” ?

@maximilien.godeau.of its action. Simply search for “New file from Base64” after installing the plugin.

I tried that :
then :

then :

then :

then :

then :

I have a JSON which is ok, I checked it, I have a kind of Base64 code which is generated, then I have an address, finally a code for my CSV. But then, I don’t know how to get my hands on it, my email doesn’t send me an attachment…I don’t understand why. My problem is that I don’t know where the file I created is and I don’t know where to get it and then send it by email to the user.

Here, my Database, “Download” :

as you can see, my file is present here, I could download it a priori, but no, there is a glitch :


When i clic on “See” :

i don’t know why…
So where is the file ? And where i am wrong ?

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 5.14.24 PM

I think here you don’t need to pass the “[” and “]”

You are accessing the url in the wrong way. Don’t append “” instead of that simply append “https:” and remove the last " " " too.

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