Sending Current User data through API Call

Hi everyone,

This might be a trivial question but I am stuck on it.
Right now, I have an API post call that communicates with Google Cloud. With this call, I am sending some data over and I would like to include the current user data that by clicking a button triggered the call.
I read that you can do that by including the dynamic value in the JSON body but it seems to not work.
Here some screenshots.

Button Workflow:

Thanks in advance.

Current User's unique id is what you want. Notice the error message says it wants text but you are giving it a User. Also you might need quotes around your placeholder in your first screenshot

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Hi Tyler thank you so much. I have made the change and it give no error so everything fine till now, but when I run the call my response doesn’t contain the parameter. This API call comes from the Bubble Data API and I am using this URL: The response I get from this contains just the data I was already obtaining without passing the additional parameter. Where am I supposed to find this extra parameter? Do I need to change URL?
It is confusing because I am not receving any error message.
Once again I appreciate your time.