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Sending data from toolbar reusable item to RG on page

Hi, newbie here,

trying to figure out how to send info from a searchbox inputbox in a header toolbar (reusable item) to a RG on the page. I have read about customstates which i assume is the way to go but i can´t figure out how.

I created a custom state on header toolbar pageload event setting the state Searchterm to inputbox´s value.

Now in the actual page i need to use this state in a repeating group search constraint but I don´t know how to retrieve this state, any ideas?

Hi @chris7,

  1. I would set the state every time the Search Box input is changed and not on page load because on page load it’ll just be blank since a user hasn’t had the chance to type anything in yet. So in the reuseable element workflow: "When Search Box’s value is changed > set state Search (or whatever you want to call it) > value = this input’s value

  2. Add an instance of the reusable element to the page with the repeating group. You can select it from the bottom left under Reusable Elements. You’ll know it’s on your page when it’s also listed in the Element Tree in the upper left. If your Reusable Element is called Header, the instance of it on your page will have defaulted to something like Header A.

  3. Let’s say you want to constrain a repeating group of Users by names who match input’s value. And let’s say your custom state was set to the Reusable Element called Header. Your repeating group source would be written like this: Search for Users, with constraint: Name contains Header’s Search.

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