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How can my users add an HTML form to their website that submits data to Bubble app?

Let’s say my user has their own WordPress website.

I want them to place an HTML form on their website. When the form is submitted on their website, it adds the form data to the Bubble database where I then kick off a workflow.

Is that possible? I think I can do this with an iFrame. Can it be done through HTML code and the Bubble Data API?

Why don’t you expose the Bubble Data API? Publish the API and ask user to hit this API when use submit the data.

Ya that’s definitely the way to do it. I got the Data API made and it works well. Thanks

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It’s also possible and maybe easier to use any embeddable webform product (Google Forms, WuFoo, Jotform, Typeform, Tally Forms, etc., etc.) + a middleware platform (Zapier, Integromat, Parabola, etc.) to get the data into Bubble.