How can my users add an HTML form to their website that submits data to Bubble app?

Let’s say my user has their own WordPress website.

I want them to place an HTML form on their website. When the form is submitted on their website, it adds the form data to the Bubble database where I then kick off a workflow.

Is that possible? I think I can do this with an iFrame. Can it be done through HTML code and the Bubble Data API?

Why don’t you expose the Bubble Data API? Publish the API and ask user to hit this API when use submit the data.


Ya that’s definitely the way to do it. I got the Data API made and it works well. Thanks

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It’s also possible and maybe easier to use any embeddable webform product (Google Forms, WuFoo, Jotform, Typeform, Tally Forms, etc., etc.) + a middleware platform (Zapier, Integromat, Parabola, etc.) to get the data into Bubble.

Hey @danielfrenkel
Is it maybe possible that we could talk about how you Build the site inside of Bubble? I am trying to get a feature to work right now, where users of my forum can publish a small profile, kind of bussiness card, website to a subdomain. So If my app is e.g. called AppCommunity, and a user named Peter would create a profile, he would be able to publish a website of him named where a business card or sth would be displayed, like this

Could we talk about that?

I don’t think Bubble can handle subdomains. I think that would require a new bubble app on each subdomain which isn’t feasible.

But you could easily accomplish what you want with

that is a good idea, thanks! is there any documentation on how you build your app @danielfrenkel ?

No documentation, just a lot of trial and error for me. Are you familiar with building Bubble apps and using the Bubble API? Your idea would be fairly simple to implement. Now that I think about it, you’ll need to do something like

You set up a page called profile, then you read the url for the word “peter” which then pulls that info from the database and populates the profile page with Peters info. It’s fairly straightforward. Just start building it and post your questions to the forum when you run into problems. Or you can hire someone to build this for you, there’s a lot of people here who will do it for you

Does he need to dinamically create web pages for each user? or pre build a page for each user? change the page name accroding to the user?

Hello, could you please help me on this topic? I exposed my data API to a Jotform API (forms service) but of course every time a new form is submitted it doesn’t add the data to bubble database automatically. Do need to get a paid account on bubble to create backend workflows for this? Or can i do it in the free account with the API connector? free accounts dont do backend workfllows for testing :frowning:

You need paid plan in both the case-

If you want to use the Data API-

Go to privacy rules of the data type you want to create/modify/delete- and enable

If you want to do with backend workflows-
Create the “API workflow” and make it public. Then you will get “public-url” that Jotform can call.
and under that call “Create a new things” action.


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