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Sending data to page

Hi there.

I´m trying to send a data from one page to the other, like the documentation example.

In my case I click in a link in page A to open page B in a new tab and then set text fields to receive data from page A.
The problem is Im getting this text on left side o page B

"}, “custom.video_posts”, (In which video_posts is my database table that Im getting the data)

By the way the info is successfully showing in page B. The problem is this code text showing up.

Please any help would be awesome, cheers!

Can you post a link so we can take a look? It’s tough to help out when it could be 1 of a kazillion things, like rogue ninjas who added a text element to your page with that text written in it. Anywho, a link would be helpful!


It´s resolved.


Could you post your solution here? It’d be great for the community to see.

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Hi Zeroeum,

I have exactly the sae problem as you,
Please, can you post your solution ?