Sending data to pagee

Hey there!
I am a new bubbler. I’m trying to send data to another page but that text looks red. How can i fix it, what should i do? Its a input element btw.


If the date you are sending is data type ID then the page you are going to needs to be set under page ‘Type of content’

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Hi @efesener

Alternatively to giving pages a certain data type, like type room, and sending a room from one page to another, another option is the following:

  1. You can check the box Send more paramters to the page, in the screenshot you showed above

  2. Then you can enter for example roomname= input rooms value

  3. On the page room_page you can have a group, with its data source as in this screenshot; it will search the URL for the information it needs

Note for this roomnames need to be unique.

Hope this helps, I will gladly answer further questions.
Happy bubbling.


@eric.schwantler @TipLister Thx for your solution proposal. I got it done :slight_smile: