Sending "input" data to a PDF template or Google Doc

Hey all, is it possible to send data that is in several “input” sections on my page to a PDF template or Google Doc? I have something I’m putting together that I’d like to send several “input” and “check-box” sections to a document that can be saved as a PDF or Google Doc that can be sent via email/etc.

Is there a way to do this within Bubble or will I need to use other APIs or plugins to make this happen? Searching Google/YouTube/etc for answers but wanted to reach out to the community here as well to see what works.


I see that there are plugins that you can pay for but they all seem over-priced. Thoughts?

As far as i can tell, the bubble plugins are also just using an API to generate the PDF files from html.

“template filling” APIs to PDF files tend to get expensive for some reason. i’ve done my research and i could find anything affordable. (its usually around 1$ for each PDF file).

Ok, appreciate the info as well Bubbler. Seems like if someone produced a much cheaper option that’d make a killing.

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