PDF editor or way to 'edit' a PDF document?

I’m looking for a PDF editor plugin or a plugin that will fill out a few fields on a word document/PDF form.

I didn’t have much luck finding any PDF editors that didn’t cost or use an external API.

Any suggestions?

If you’re confident with using an external API, I would highly recommend pdfmonkey.io. It’s not too tricky to set up through the API connector, even if you’re not too familiar with this.

Their free pricing tier allows for 300 PDFs per month.

Does require some HTML, CSS and JS knowledge to generate the PDF, but there are lots of YouTube videos to help with this kind of thing :slight_smile:

Great thanks, I’ll look into pdfmonkey.io and calling their API!

Forgive me for my ignorance, but just to be clear your experience with this method allows you to have PDFs hosted in your Bubble app and the user can fill out the fields, or are they navigated away to a separate service?

Also, my app is multitenancy and I need to allow admin users to upload PDFs for their organization and their employees would complete/edit/fill out the PDFs. Would this method also work dynamically in that PDFs are unique and uploading in varying quantities per organization, or is there some manual development work required to make each unique PDF compatible with this method?

Thanks so much for your insight.

The API allows you to pass dynamic data from Bubble to PDFMonkey. The generation of the PDF could be triggered from a workflow in Bubble (i.e. a user completes a form for example).

You can certainly generate unique PDFs for each organization - how you would go about sharing those PDFs with specific users though is up for question. I’m unsure if you have access to the PDF templates via PDFMonkey (doubtful). You could always look for a way to replicate the completing of a PDF on bubble, before sending that data off to PDFMonkey, for the generating of a ‘real’ PDF.

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