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Sending multiple custom states to reusable elements?

I would like to use a reusable element which requires as input multiple custom states of various types… date, number and datatypes. Is this possible? I know about sending data to reusable data through URLs, but this only works for database entries, especially because the custom states are reset every time the page is loaded.
Do i need to create a data field containing all the needed information and feed that to the reusable element? Isnt that terrible for performance, as changing database entries is way more intensive than custom staates.

Can you describe the use case?

You can also create a custom event in the reusable element and use it to trigger custom states etc from outside the reusable element. Have you explored that?

Bubble tutorials

You might check out of my tutorials where I worked with custom states and reusable elements.

Maybe it is helpful for you.



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