Sending PDF by email


I need to send PDF files by email so the end user can download and open it in the PDF format.

I currently use PDF conjure to create my PDFs (no problem here).

  1. The in built ‘Send Email’ plugin by Bubble has suddenly stopped working. I’m not gonna bother replying on that now.

  2. With Sendgrid you have to convert the PDF to base64. So when the end user opens the email they cannot download and open the PDF in the correct format. (unless I’m missing the trick here, if so do let me know!)

Any other suggestions in how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @shayz_97 - I’ve had great success converting from SendGrid (horrid deliverability IMO), to Postmark (just awesome!).

I have the free Postmark plugin by @vini_brito and use Stripo (free) to create my email templates then copy/paste the html in to the send email workflow for Postmark.

I haven’t been able to attach PDF files using this as I can’t work it out - but what I have done is put a ‘download here’ button in the email. This opens the PDF file URL which then allows the receiver to download/save etc and the emails look pretty slick :slight_smile:

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Great thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

Much appreciated.

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