Attach file and send out email via SendGrid

Hey Bubble Community,

a problem I am facing is sending out emails via SendGrid that includes uploaded files (usually pdf documents).

What I have managed so far:

Sending out emails with the uploaded files by using a link. Unfortunately, a couple of the email receivers are complaining that the link does not work on their computers (I don’t have a clue why, as it works for me and my colleagues).

So I am trying to send out emails with a link where the receivers are forced to download the file but cannot figure out the solution for that or any other way how to solve this problem.

It would be great if you could let me know of anything that might help me getting this issues solved.


Have you tried changing the storage link to Dropbox or something else to verify it’s not a firewall or something else on the customer end like virus scanner stopping the download?

Have you tried just displaying the PDF instead of downloading by taking them to a bubble page with that PDF view on it?

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@john3 I’m working on a similar problem right now.

For the second option you mentioned, how would you create a bubble page with a PDF on it?

UPDATE: Nevermind! I figured it out already.

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I’m having trouble sending a PDF attachment by email using Sendgrid.

When it’s received it’s the aws file link but it goes nowhere and cannot be downloaded (gives an error)

The attachment in gmail looks wierd:


Also, what are both of these fields? Because they’re cut off.


When i fill out the top one, i get an error:



You need to use base64 encoding. FileUploader UPLOAD INVOICE’s value:encoded as base 64.