Sending Rich Text Email with Sendgrid Plugin

Hi there,

I am using the sendgrid plug in to send emails and have created substitution tags to hold the email body and signature


I am using the RichtextInput Legacy to receive the data and pass it to Sendgrid but when the email is received, everything is in one line and not formatted as per the editor.

Can anyone help with this

Many thanks



Any thoughts on this?

Hey! I actually had some troubles with this before but @copilot helped me resolve it. Can you send me a screenshot of your transactional email template on Sendgrid to see if you had the same exact problem I had? You might have to even use regex because the Sendgrid templates are HTML, and I believe the Rich Text Inputs are BB Code

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Thanks @johnny,

here is a screen shot of the template. I am using the newer Dynamic templates.

As far as the Copilot Sendgrid Plugin, I am using the “SendGrid Send email” option - see below:



Thank you in advance for your help,

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Ah, yes, you are having the same I had previously. For your substitution tags, try to use 3 curly braces on each side of the variable, for example, {{{emailbody}}} and {{{signature}}}.

Try that and see if it fixes the problem

Thanks Johnny,
that did not seem to work. I tried what you suggested using but the RT input and the Multiline input and I have also tried using the drag and drop template and the code template on the sendgrid side and each time, all the contents or the email are in one line.
Any other thoughts?

Hmm very weird, are you using the newer version of the template on Sendgrid? Not the legacy version?

I’ve also sent you an invite to the topic where I had problems with this similar issue. The topic can also be found at: Sendgrid Plugin by Copilot

Thanks Johnny,
I am reading through the docs now and trying to understand what CoPilot is talking about in terms of escaping and using find and replace - I am hoping the solution is not that complicated.
I will give it a go with a legacy template and come back with my findings.
Thank you for your help!

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You should not be using the legacy version, use the newer version

The result with the legacy template is worse.

This is a screenshot of the Bubble form that i input the email body into:

This is the legacy template:

and this is the email I received

any thoughts??

Don’t use the legacy one, use the newer version

Thank you so much for your help Johnny,
I managed to get this to work using:

  • Standard Bubble multiline input
  • Dynamic Template
  • Find and replace



Perfect! No problem!

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