Sending to a list of users with Sendgrid Plugin

Hi Folks,

I am successfully sending emails through sendgrid via the sendgrid plugin.

I am able to pass dynamic data. However, I am struggling to pass a list of users first names.

I would like to send an email to a list of X users, and email a will include email a first name, email b will include email b first name, etc.

Does any one know if this is possible?

Here is the current expression that I am using. It’s returning a list of users within each email at the moment. Need to be able to separate those into their respective emails.

(Minus item current user since the current user doesn’t need to be sent an email. I applied the same logic for the recipients)

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.19.09 PM

Hey there @jj11,

This is very possible! You can schedule workflow on a list, then pass in the list of users you want to email or you can try sending them recursively as @petter highlights in his few blogs posts here: Advanced guide: Creating Recursive Workflows and tracking their progress