Sendgrid Copilot Plugin - Personalization seems broken

Hi Team,

I’m using the Sendgrid Copilot Plugin. The personalization seems broken - returning full list of recipients’ variables/substitution tag rather than the single recipient’s variable/substitution tag.
I have a single-sender email to multiple recipients
I’m using dynamic list to send to multiple recipients - works great and delivers to each recipient individually.
Adding personalization within substitution tags seems to return the full list of recipients’ variables, rather than the given email address’ variable.
For example, I can batch-send an email list, but if I add {{firstname}} it returns the full list Hi John, Mary, Beth (etc) rather than just Hi John,

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Should I be using a different plugin than @copilot ?

Kind regards,

Hey @Jacob_D,

How do you have your Sendgrid action setup?

Hey Johnny- thanks for jumping in!

Sending to a list of users emails- this works great.
Variable e.g. firstname returns the list of firstnames of those users emails. This is actually putting the full list into each email, when I just want the name associated with that email.



Is this though a scheduled workflow?

Hey johnny, I just ran a test; this occurs for both scheduled and non-scheduled workflows. Any ideas? Thank you so so much!

What I meant by that was is the variable passing on a list of names?

Yes; how do I pass along solely the name associated with each recipient?

Hey @Jacob_D,

There are different ways you can do this. If you’re sending emails to a list of people I would schedule an API workflow. Depending on how big your list you may want to consider either Scheduling a list of workflows or Recursive Workflows.

Recursive Workflows

Scheduling Workflows on a list

Thank you, Johnny! So if I understand you correctly, to personalize a list of recipients, these need to be run as a scheduled workflow on a list, rather than be sent to SendGrid as a list.

Are there any cons to this approach?

Not that I can think of. Unless you’re sending to a large group of people

Gotcha. Let me give this a try over the next couple of days. Gotta say, johnny; I owe you one for jumping in! Thanks bud.

No problem! Glad to help! :blush: