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Sending URL parameters from reusable

Hi Bubblers,

I have a dashboard set up as a SPA and navigation with the use of URL parameters. I have a messaging app that I am trying to integrate into the dashboard as a reusable. I tested the messaging app on a separate page and it works, but I am having trouble converting the messaging app into a reusable to be used in my dashboard. I am struggling with sending data with URL parameters.

In the normal page messaging app, I can send data to the page with: Data to send: “Current cell’s Conversation”. How would this translate into a URL parameter? I tried the following (see screenshot), but still not working. Any ideas?

Many thanks


It’s not working in what sense?

What you’ve shown in your screenshot should work just fine - i.e. it will set a URL parameter value to the unique ID of the current cell’s conversation… is that not happening?

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Hi Adam, thank you. You are always such a great help. I think I have found the issue. I needed a “Get conversation from page URL” in my "receiving group’.

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