Get URL parameters?

Hi everyone,

I’m actually working on an app and more precisely I want to send data with the URL. Well, the part of the app I’m working on is supposed to give you the possibility to send a first image to another page. Then, you choose another one in the second page where the first image has been sent and finally there’s a recap’s page where the first and the second image are supposed to be displayed.

To send the second image from the recap page to the second page, it 's easy I used a classic go to page. And when I want to send the first image to the recap’s page, I, first, send the first image to the second page (so I displayed the first image on the second page) where I can choose the second one. But when I want to send all this image to the recap’s page, I can only send the second image with a classic “go to page” and not the first one using the same workflow but with url parameters. So my problem is, I cannot get the url parameters in my recap page.

So, how we can get the url parameters ?

Any help would be much appreciated ?

First page, my first page is banana :

Second one

Recap page (it can only display the second image but not the first one)

Workflow of the second page (go to page workflow) :

Workflow of the recap page



Hi @tazya.ty!

You use the Get data from page URL operation, which is documented here:



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