[SEO] Content Spinning on Bubble (advanced)

Bonjour everyone,

As we go deeper with SEO and Bubble I wanted to share with you something we did for our Bubble App : spinning contents on any bubble pages.

  • avoid duplicate contents
  • not cluttering our business App Data with contents related fields
  • have a little CMS inside Bubble so marketing / copy writers can change the contents without touching the Bubble App

It basically use a principle of polymorphic associations and repeating groups, there is also a fallback for resources that don’t have specific contents.

Here is the video.

And the blog post that goes along : https://hackerhouse.world/blog/content-spinning-bubble/

Happy Bubbling! :balloon:
PS : we host an advanced bubble bootcamp starting next week feel free to join

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@stephane Awesome job, we can use it to power up our ranking on google.
On the long run, nothing beats SEO,