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SEO in Bubble vs. Webflow, Others

If I am going to optimize for SEO, can someone explain in high level technical detail why other threads in this forum say Webflow is better for SEO than bubble?

Has anyone built a Webflow homepage and landing pages but pages with the actual functionality in Bubble? Are you glad you did it/does it make an actual difference?

I’m surprised at the lack of focus around SEO on Bubble. You would think that people would want their apps to rank well organically.

Hey Tyler,

Both the apps have their own perks. Bubble is quite easy and practically more viable on SEO. It has many features ingrained which can be explored apart from Google Webmaster or Google Search Console Setup which is recommended if you are optimizing your page for SEO.

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Veydeep Kaushik,
SEO Strategist and Consultant.

Hi, search the forum for Webflow SEO and you’ll find some good prior discussions on this, both pros and cons. One new question however is how Bubble’s new responsive engine impacts its Google page score speeds.

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Thank you for the insight. Creating a focused effort to solve Bubble SEO issues please join by liking or commenting something you’ve learned about SEO in the thread:

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