SEO is the backbone for traffic of my web app. Should I use not use Bubble bc of SEO?

I’m building an ACT/SAT prep website using Bubble (not built yet). I’m highly experienced in SEO and plan on getting 1/2 of my users from SEO. The more I read about it, it seems like Bubble just isn’t great w SEO. Google doesn’t crawl the pages correctly, slow page loads, etc.
Would it be a good idea using Wordpress or Webflow (which are at better at SEO) to build the front end blogs and marketing pages under and then use bubble to build the web app itself under

Or is it not worth it? Maybe Bubble isn’t so bad at SEO where I have to do this workaround. Anyone got experience with Bubble SEO?


Bubble page load is improving, but essentially I’ve thought of doing exactly the same thing you suggested here. My SEO isn’t horrible, but I also have the sneaking suspicion it’d be better if I used webflow for SEO and the bubble as an app subdomain.

Hopefully someone can definitively answer this.

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I have decided to host my marketing pages under webflow with root domain i.e. and then my SaaS tool built using bubble under

This works for me bc

  • my site has no SEO rn so it doesnt matter im starting from scratch w webflow
  • My SaaS tool pages e.g. admin, login page, etc dont need SEO so its ok to use bubble w them. This wouldn’t work if you were building an ecomerce site for example bc you want all your SaaS pages to have SEO e.g.

What gave me a vote of confidence is that Stripe built their site this like this. is built seperate from Just like Stripe, my marketing pages dont have special workflows in them which is what I would have needed Bubble for so its ok to use webflow


Right, a ton of different sites do this. But even for marketing sites and blogs and such, you can still display dynamic content via webflow (I believe) and just get said content via an API to the bubble database. Their database isn’t that slow, it’s more an issue with how they load their pages (JavaScript being built on the client side during runtime)