SEO - Which approach for a marketplace?

Hey guys !

I’m launching my marketplace, 100% built on Bubble. I have a business model that will rely a lot on SEO trafic generation.

I’ve had a meeting with an “SEO expert” who audited my strategy, gave me a few advices, but nothing that I didn’t know already unfortunately.

My main problematic here is obviously Bubble’s seo. Even though this thematic has been covered so much time already on this forum, I haven’t found a good answer to my question.

Would it be wiser to build my blog on Bubble, or build it on another CMS (Webflow for exemple) ?

I’m aware that for a Saas, going with a separated CMS is the go-to solution, but for a marketplace, I’m not so sure.

The “SEO Expert” I’ve talked with told me that having my blog on the same domain as my website is the best solution, but I’m worried that my articles won’t rank well, which in the end will make them useless.

Any advice on this ?

I would look at what @Vincent_London does. He has his blog on Bubble and I think it ranks well.

Why not put your Blog SEO content on Bubble? And just implement all the good practices? … I’m not an expert, (there are plenty of those :slight_smile: ) I just aim for good enough for the least effort …

But here is my checklist I just add to it as smarter people than me tell me how to do SEO with Bubble :slight_smile:

I seem to recall @boston85719 had a Bubble Blog template with all the best practices baked into it … but there could be others.


Looks like here the blog index/home is on Bubble aggregating content and then the articles are on various external websites. One of my personal next steps is to try Lindsay’s step 4 plugin for slug indexing, I’ve had search console pick up some slugs on my site, but many its been finicky with.

Thanks @lindsay_knowcode for the shout out.

@ThomasC2A I do have a blog template with all on page SEO components built in, but I assume you already know how to do that stuff, but if you need a content management system, it may be worth checking out.

I think that is always up for debate. Mostly those who advocate for that, believe the speed of a Bubble page would be to your SEO detriment and that Google wouldn’t be able to crawl the page because of content pre-loading in Bubble may not be get enough of the content to the creepy crawlers from Google to get the full sense of the page content and then not index those pages.

I am currently going through the process of trying to get my blog content indexed via Google Search Console. I have not uploaded a site map or anything other than requesting indexing on a few specific pages. I’ve seen that some of the pages have been indexed without my request as I had shared those posts on social media. Then some other pages of my app were also indexed, for same reason. Then the blog posts I requested to get indexed, only a couple were, while others got crawled but not indexed. Google doesn’t provide much detail for why there were not indexed, so I can not lay the fault of that at the feet of Bubble, since Bubble did get me to the point that some pages get indexed, even when no sitemap has been uploaded to Google.

I am also doing this for a multilanguage app, so I have pages that are as well as …I’m seeing strange results as it relates to the screen-shot Google generates from the different language pages, and I have not found a reason for an error I get on some pages pertaining to a resource not loading, which references translate. Bubble support told me to ask Google about it…I don’t know why a resource would not be loaded and whether that is a Bubble or Google issue.

One thing that I am excited to implement is the Google Index API, to make it so that once I post a new article, the API call will immediately request the Google Index API to crawl the new post, but not there yet; Only reason I mention this is that I am not sure if that is possible with a 3rd party CMS like webflow or not, but at least I could do it from my Bubble app. I also don’t know if a 3rd party CMS would allow you to use a plugin like @lindsay_knowcode sitemap plugin, and then automatically send that to Google as well, but my gut tells me when I try to do it in my Bubble app I’ll be able to.

Where does this worry come from? If it is the multiple threads on the forum about Bubble not being good for SEO, which most are pre-Bubble page load and content pre-rendering improvements, you might feel less anxious knowing there is so much more that will determine if your articles rank well or not that is beyond the differences in page load speed between Bubble and some other 3rd party CMS.

Don’t forget, the speed of your Bubble app depends on how you build it. In my app from the time I see the URL show the article URL to the time I see the content and can scroll the entire page, all images displaying etc. is from my timing is about 1.5 seconds (no idea if that is fast or slow, but for my eyes, and I’m sure my readers attention span is quick enough - can’t say if that is quick enough for Google creepy crawlers)

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We run a food blog on Bubble, something we launched more than 6 years ago. I have most of the dynamic pages indexed and several of those rank well.

My learnings so far:

  1. There are many external factors that help with SEO - backlinks, social shares, etc.
  2. Having content along the same topics helps build authority. For example, we have a good number of Jain recipes on our blog, and we were to post a new Jain recipe, it is likely that it would be indexed automatically within a few days.
  3. On-page SEO factors: Speed, Internal linking, Long detailed content, HTML Tags, Sitemap, Structured Data Markup, etc.

I agree that Pagespeed score for our blog is not good (due to Javascript), but I feel the perceived end user experience is fast enough. There are certain limitations and things which we cannot optimize due to the nature of the platform and hence we try to focus on things that are in our control. Everyone have had different experiences in regards to this and hence thought I’ll share mine too.

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Definately wouldn’t build it on Weblow.

Maybe look at superblog (which is pretty basic but super fast) or framer?

Both can get really high scores. Not to say you CAN’T build it in Bubble (you can).

Doesn’t seem like it is a blog ? It’s more like a directory. Earch “article” redirects to other websites directly (webflow, 0auth etc…)

Okay I see, thanks for your answers everyone !

I’m gonna give it a tru with Bubble then !

I took a look at this post as well, which can help people like me to get answer, so I’ll put it here just in case :slight_smile: Any example of SEO success built on Bubble? - #5 by petter

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: