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Separate Development and Production Mixpanel Keys

I would like to be able to segment my Mixpanel events between development and production environments by maintaining two Mixpanel projects (as recommended by Mixpanel). Having the ability to input two sets of Token/API Secret/API Key values would be awesome.

I’ll think about how we can do that.

Thanks for looking into it. It would help segregate my inflated usage versus actual users.

What I did is adding in MixPanel a parameter TEST = Thus URL contains /version-test/
so you can filter later on.

Thank you for the work around!

@emmanuel Putting this in the documentation would make up for not having this feature.

Well i’ll think about it though, because that sounds like something we would need for all plugins, not just Mixpanel

Just pushed that. You now can define 2 sets of keys. If you don’t enter a development key we use the live one.

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Thanks for adding this everywhere else as well. It makes analytics and 3rd party calls much more granular.

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