Mixpanel x Bubble: Some Issues I need help with

Hello everyone,

I have setup Mixpanel in my bubble app. And I’m facing a weird behavior.

When I try, with different emails, the same events from the same workflow sometimes appear in Mixpanel, and sometimes they just don’t.

I started to open my app to some alpha users, and same here: some users appear, some don’t.

I’m a bit stuck with this, as it looks like it’s working but it’s not working well. I just don’t get it.

Someone has some explanation?

Side note
In Mixpanel plugin screen in bubble, I need to setup: Token / API Secret / API Key
But in Mixpanel I only have Token & API Secret. I can’t find API Key which is supposed to be right under the 2 first according to their doc, but it’s just not here.

Some browsers block tracking?

I have also seen reports of the Mixpanel plugin having occasional issues. And that doing a batch upload might be a better way.

Ignore the third one apparently. But I am doing Mixpanel events via the API Connector so haven’t tested it yet.

Thanks Nigel.

Tons of events are “blocked”, few goes through Mixpanel and I don’t have this issues with other projects (not managed with Bubble) so I don’t know if it’s really the browser blocking the thing.

I’m really stuck here

I have just implemented both the Mixplan profile and the events via the API connector.

It’s a bit of a chore but I can share it shortly.

If you just want events it is easier, although they will still all show as Oregon if run on the server.

I’d be happy to read your share to see how I can improve

For those that might be interested in the future, I solved this using Segment.

I dropped Mixpanel to use June Analytics which is way better imho for data reports & viz (I’m also more used to it).

So the current setup is:
Bubble to Segment to June.

I’ll keep watching if some users in the database don’t appear in Segment.

june.so does indeed look excellent. Should probably have used it.

Downside is that you don’t get the abilty to track link redirects. Which may or may not be an issue.

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