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Separate external databases for live and dev versions of the app

Hi there,
I’m pretty new to Bubble but already impressed with prototyping speed - really cool, but stuck with an issue and need help.
I’m using external databases for my app (postgres) and wonder how can I use 2 different databases for my dev and live versions of the app?
As of now I’m using standard Bubble SQL Connector to extract data from external postgres

Looks like not the hottest topic in this forum…)
Anyway, I will log some ideas I came up with just in case someone else will need help later:

Still would be thankful for any piece of advice)

I’ve never really used the SQL Connector but can you dynamically specify the URL? So you use Isn’t live version:formatted as text when you call the API which provides the relevant URL for test/live mode. That’s what I use in API connector but maybe it doesn’t work in SQL connector.

Hi @georgecollier , thanks for your try - but the issue is that in SQL connector you are not allowed to specify any dynamic input. In another plugin I’ve mentioned above guys are solving it through 2 sets of DB credentials (dev and live) - looks like the easiest way to handle this. Wish Bubble would tweak their plugin as well for this

PS: I see in this example that there is a strong conflict of interest between Bubble providing awesome plugins free of charge and their community of plugin builders who wouldn’t be interested in bubble’s plugins becoming more and more solid/powerful. So I guess there’s a little change that Bubble will significantly improve their own plugins…

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