Separate scroll effect in bubble?

Hi, I was wondering if a separate scroll effect can be replicated on Bubble? For example scrolling down on left side whilst keeping the right side in a fixed until scrolled until y-axis reached a certain level.

Example of H&M product display page:

Many thanks for any input!

Hey there.

If you haven’t seen it, this thread may help you out. There are some CSS changes that you need to do - TIL how to do sticky groups

Hope it helps.

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Yep… as noted above you can do it with some custom CSS…

…or, if you’d rather keep things in pure vanilla Bubble and not use any custom code, you can just use a regular floating group and hide/show it accordingly based on page scroll position, like this:

Scroll Floating Group (

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This was perfect - thanks so much for your help!

@adamhholmes - thanks so much also for suggesting an alternative!

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