Floating group/ iframe when i scroll down to it?

Hello all!

I am trying to enable the summary group in my checkout page to float as the user scrolls down.

I believe this is similar to iframes in regular web development and is not doable by floating groups as not all of the summary group is visible when the user loads the page (so they scroll down a bit and the summary on the right should stay in frame while they continue to scroll down the left hand side as normal).

Any help would be great I’m struggling to find resources on iframes in bubble (if that is indeed the right option)

Many thanks

I have found that in CSS this would be ‘sticky’ position.

I have tried using a HTML element and applying that to the group I want to behave in this way but that is not working at all.

Code I used was:

#stickyelement {
        position: -webkit-sticky; /* Safari */
        position: sticky;
        top: 0;

Then put stickyelement in the element ID attribute.

I’m guessing that bubble doesn’t support this type of css manipulation for elements?

I have ended up just buying a plugin for this. Would be nice to have built in in future though