Seriously...8+ weeks without a working Bubble Account iOS app?

  1. More than 8 weeks without a working Bubble Account iOS test app is terrible.
    a. When will the Bubble Account app be working?
    b. Is there a log we can follow for Bug updates to see how far away a fix is?
    c. What is the point of having a Bubble app for testing in the iOS store when it doesn’t work?

Issue was:
Users could not log in without seeing an error message if their app had login functionality

Issue is now:
Bubble Account app hangs at welcome screen and doesn’t go anywhere
Affects iPhone 5S (sees Bubble Welcome Screen) and iPhone 6 Plus (sees blank white screen only) and iPad displaying iPhone Bubble Account app

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It’s not a good answer, but I imagine this has to do with Bubble’s often-stated priorities. Mobile just isn’t at the top of the list, meaning it’s not getting dev attention yet. Bubble is at it’s core a web platform. If mobile is mega critical for your success, I’d really recommend looking at another solution like Dropsource or Kinetise, but that’s just my two cents.

That’s the truth here. We’d love to be able to allocate more efforts there but we cannot at the moment. On the other hand, we’ve added Swagger support to the API so that we can seamlessly integrate with Dropsource, so that’s a viable option: Bubble for the backend, Dropsource for the app.


I thought I noticed that over on the Dropsource forums! How neat!

I just finished my web dashboard/backend stuff in bubble and now I have to move on to the app portion of the solution. Should i avoid bubble all together for this and go directly to dropsource or are the bugs just for debugging mode and otherwise the app would function well once on the app store.


If using dropsource be careful and make sure the solution covers your needs.
Many people have successfully made mobile apps with bubble, but the priorities are not there according to Emmanuel. Without any commitment from bubble it may be another year before we see any progress on mobile.

@emmanuel if you guys are unable to focus on fixing your own preview app I suggest you pull it from app store not to confuse users.

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