Server logs not showing sheduled api workflows

ive tested pretty much every workflow…these are not new…existing…for some reason they are simply not showing in the server logs. ive tested under different users etc… these are core bubble wf’s not 3rd party…just asking around to see if this occuring with anyone else… if not i’ll ping a support ticket

I do not seem to be able to see the server logs for any of the API workflows I’ve created either.

Unfortunately, I can’t say this with much authority because this this is literally my first time troubleshooting API workflows so I’m not too sure what the capabilities are in terms of logging or what to expect. I have looked this up and it certainly seems like others have done this.

Is there a possibility that we are both missing something? Otherwise, I’d say it seems like a bug.

Going to reply to myself here.

Logs did not show for me with API workflows at first. By entering a matching search term (I.e. the name of the API workflow as it would be printed in the logs) I was then able to see them. Not sure if this is standard behavior.

Are all logs are supposed to show by default?.
If not, is there a query to show all logs? I can imagine I might want to look at all logs at certain times.

@jon2 thanks . The old server logs showed everything by default. as you say… you now need to search explicitly for what you need to see…problem is you don’t know what you don’t know. also the logs do not seem to filter descending.

^^ Is that what is going on?? Why the change? Doesn’t help if you don’t know what to search.

I don’t know if this is a change or not (this is my first time using the the logs). It seems like I’m getting a limitation of about 11 logged events displayed at a time. I’ve found I need to be very careful about entering the time of the event as well as the query so I am able to see the relevant events. If I search for logged events occuring at 10:20 but the event in question occurs at 10:30 and 11 events occur in those 10 minutes, the log window fills up and I can’t see anything after 10:30

This seems a little odd… Am I missing something?

I figured to check on this one more time with the community before reaching out to support.

  • When I search the server logs I am only getting 11 results at a time.
  • I do not have the ability to browse more than 11 results at a time in any situation.

Is this correct behavior? Any suggestions?

It is very challenging / nearly impossible to effectively troubleshoot with these constraints.

Lets see if @nickhil can jump in. he posted the update on the new faster server logs release,

Hi All, thanks for bringing this up.

First, regarding this point:

The new system does show everything by default – adding terms into the search boxes narrows the search area, it doesn’t expand it, so if something is not showing in the default search but is showing in a narrower search, there’s an issue to investigate.

Second, regarding:

I’m not seeing an issue on our end with displaying scheduled API workflows, so please file a bug report and follow up with support. Once we have a precise reproduction case, we can investigate and get working on a solution.

Thanks again,

Hi Nickhil,

I’m having the same issue. Not seeing anything run by API workflow appear in the Server Logs. Thought the old way was fine and hoping we can get this resolved quickly.

I’ve created a bug, but adding here for the community.


thanks for jumping in. as @dev.admin has sumbmitted a Bug report…lets see the resolution…if needed i can submit one too…if required.


The issue I’m experiencing is that I get a maximum of 11 results displayed with no additional pages or auto-loading to navigate through the logs. In practical terms this means when several server-side workflows or other logged actions are occurring in a short time, that it very difficult to look through because you are seeing such a small slice.

I need to be precise down to the second when using the start date field and am often adjusting the time by only a second or two to be able to actually walk through and see the full sequence of events.

In my case, It not that the events aren’t there, its just that what is displayed is so limiting that I can’t realistically see whats going on and think the events aren’t being logged when, in fact, they probably are, but I can’t see them when I enter what I believe is a very reasonable date/time into the server log tool to troubleshoot

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for following up, this is certainly an issue we’d like to get to the bottom of.

If you haven’t already, please file a bug report with our support team and make sure to specify what browser / version you are using. Once that’s done, we can investigate.


is this specific to a user or should i also file a bug report… exactly the same issues

@jon2 Adding to what @nickhil said, we are collecting feedback from users and can fix corner cases when we have bug reports and can reproduce a pattern across apps.

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APi workflows do appear, but can be hard to find at times I find. I don’t particularly find the “new” log UI very helpful, and preferred the old one.


But I find them of limited value and we have developed our own logging system as so much is done on the server.

Thanks @NigelG @jon2 @Bubbleboy for the feedback. To summarize, are these the differences between old logs and new?

  • Logs are too narrow and require specific time
  • Results load only partially
  • Clicking on a particular log to zoom into workflow does not give enough detail

Converting your feedback into actionable items will help our engineering team take this further.

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Ditto from me too

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Hi @Bubbleboy @jon2 @NigelG

Regarding the issue of logs only loading partially – please make sure that your browser is at 100% zoom when using the logs tab, otherwise editor behavior may be altered. This seems to be the cause of the log fetch issue for at least one other user.

One quick UI note on the server logs tab – when the editor is fetching logs, you should see a blue progress bar appear at the top of the page, and disappear when the fetch has completed. This should occur both on the initial fetch and “lazy fetches” which occur when you scroll to the bottom of the page, whether or not there are logs that actually match the search. This feature is meant to give you some feedback as to what’s going on – if a search is not being triggered, is taking a while, or has completed.

We’ll continue to investigate other issues and fix forward.


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