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[New Feature] Improvements to logs (showing errors and events)

We just pushed some improvements to the Server Logs feature. We now show not only actions, but also events, whether events conditions are met or not, and workflow errors. This is useful in particular when workflows have some actions relying on external services (APIs, etc.). And for scheduled workflows and API runs, it’ll be a good way to see what happened.

For instance, a workflow not running because of a wrong API key would look like this.

Notice also the ‘zoom on this workflow’ button, that lets you see events, actions and errors only in this workflow. This will make debugging much easier (for users on a Professional plan, as this feature is accessible to this plan and higher).


Thank you. This is great.

That’s great.
And using this “Server Logs” page, why not even a 4th tab “Errors” ?
Or could you add a “Show errors” search so we can debug more effectively our apps ? use a red font for errors ?


This is fantastic. Just what I have been waiting for :slight_smile:

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Yeah we added some boxes to refine the search.

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Is it possible to access the logs directly thru the app?

For example, I’m building in automated emails sent to our support team when errors occur for a user, and would love to be able to send log details of what the user was doing.

Not currently no