Server-Side Action in Custom-built plugin logs result to console needlessly

I built a custom plugin with some server-side actions. The actions perform as expected, but I’ve run into a small problem: the action seems to be logging the value returned by the action to the console. For instance, for a server-side action called “Action A” that returns an object of the form {key1: value1, key2: value2}, when the action completes I get a message logged to the browser console that says:

Result of Action A
{key1: value1, key2: value2}

I did not write code anywhere within the action to log this information to the console (that I know of). Is there any way to stop this information from being logged? It is very important that this information not be logged because some of the values returned by the action are sensitive.

Note: In case it matters, I am running my plugin in a test app and previewing the test app in development mode.

Have you tested if that continues to happen if you submit the plugin, install it in the app and run the plugin actions? And remember you can submit the plugin as private, authorize it in a specific app and install there.

That’s just a debugging mechanism for development mode.

That worked! Thank you!

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