Server side code not running


I tried my first server side plugin but it does not seem to work: once I add the puppeteer dependency, the plugin hangs on run. It works with another dependency like moment though.
Any idea?

Can you file a bug report at Our team will look into it

Sure, will do

A bug has been filed, any updates?

Hi @jvpoucke

If you’re not on a paid plan, it may take them a while to look at the bug and get back to you. Just have to wait, they have a small team that manages a lot.


We have been investigating. Thanks for sharing the plugin and test app.

Our engineers investigated the bug report. This module’s size, which is approximately 325mb, exceeds what our system can handle. Server side actions is intended for lighter, simpler functions.

@DavidS Any updates on when puppeteer or atleast puppeteer core could be available to use in a SS plugin? Looking to get a cleaner solution to HTML to PDF rendering as currently I have to use a client-side library due to bubble’s limitations

I suggest you try using an external environment for that if it is super important for you, like Netlify Functions or Azure Functions.
Netlify is easier to setup but Azure is more powerful, I managed to run Playwright on Azure.