Server Zip - Is this possible w current plugins / workarounds?

Never had to zip anything in bubble before.

Welp, now I do. Need to send a zip via API. Don’t want the users to have to download and then upload a zip which seems to be the case with current plugins.

What are my options? Really running into quite a few limitations on this one…

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I started messing with Create Archives API | CloudConvert

Don’t have it working yet but seems do-able

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That seems very doable…

This may just be easier to code. Definitely cheaper, this will be my 6th paid api

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My JS zip plugin allow you to create a zip and user don’t need tondownload it, it will be saved on Bubble storage. However, this is not possible to run the script on server side because of Bubble limitations. External services can be used like cloud convert


That will work. Thanks!

Hello Jici,

I bought you plugin. woohoo! Quick question, is there a way to have the zip not add so many folders like so:

Here’s my current set up (I’ve tried checking every combination of box) could it be the files list url?


Hi! In file name, dont use file’s url, but file’s name instead. Url have / and this will create a folder for each of them


Thanks so much!!

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