Set a custom domain name to go to a certain page in Bubble app?

I got a project where I have one page in my app (let’s say )
This page would take parameters from the URL when loading that will do one search to get the right info needed for each user.

so for example where have: user1 , user2 …tetc

if we call
when the page loads it will search the database for a thing where data=user1.
Then it will load the page with the right info
for example products, colors of the page, images, header and setting…etc

Now I want to let users have their own domain name set to this page ( for example: will go to this page

Is this possible to do in Bubble? How would I achieve this? even if it is a redirect or iframe i don’t mind I just want to know my options

Yes, this is definitely possible. Whilst I don’t have the time to write a reply now, I know this is defo possible in Bubble.

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Thanks for your reply, I know the first part where you get data from parameters then a search is possible but I was not sure about the domain part.
Would really appreciate it if you could give me even a nudge in the right direction on how to set the domain part when you have the time of course.

Yeah, it’s late now tho, but I’ll try and help

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@rukevweb take your time :slight_smile:

Hey LinuxUser, I’m replying to you from here. Yes, this is precisely the use case that I built TheirLabel for. If you haven’t already, please checkout I think you will be excited to see an example of this very functionality at the top of the page:

It also has two white-labelled customer partitions at

which in practice can be any domain name your customers own.

To learn more about how I implemented this you can always check the editor example for that very application.

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That’s brilliant, I wasn’t sure so I posted in here & there to make sure!
One question, using the new white-label domain can I still pass parameters from that domain to the bubble app/page?
say i used the plugin to white-label this page
then passing Ref parameter
is it possible for the value of Ref to get passed to the bubble page : ?

I have seen something like this before :

Thanks, @zelus_pudding honestly this is a very impressive and handy plugin.

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That’s a great question! Sadly, this is not something TheirLabel can do at the moment, but I will take a look at your StackOverflow link to see if that’s something I can implement. Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Hey @LinuxUser this additional pattern passing feature request of yours definitely seems like something I can add to TheirLabel. But I’ll want to test it thoroughly so the earliest I can get back to you with this feature is on Monday (since I have a few other tasks on my docket this week). I hope that’s okay?

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Hey @zelus_pudding That’s great to hear! & Really appreciate the quick response to adding this feature to the plugin. I feel like it would be a useful feature overall.
Take your time, for this project I’m still in the early stage of development anyways.

I still get amazed at how Bubble can be used to achieve crazy things like this :sweat_smile:

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Implementing this now. Will let you know when it becomes available :slight_smile: