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Set a default value in a dropdown

I am using the same form to:

  1. create a new thing
  2. edit an existing thing

In the second case “edit an existing thing” the different form elements are populated with initial values. It is working as intended with “Input” and “Multiline Input”… but it is not working with “dropdown”.


How can I solve it please?

Hi there, @jean.simler… what is the field type of the job listing’s type field? If it doesn’t match the dropdown’s type of choices (in this case, job type), that’s why the expression is red.


Hi @mikeloc, Thanks a lot for your very quick answer. Your question helped me understand and solve my problem. In the database, I was not using the right field type. It was “text” instead of the “Option set name”.

This is the first time I am using the forum and definitely not the last time… I am very impressed. Thanks again

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